Why Desert Trees Blow Over in Monsoons and Dust Storms

Hoping to Keep Your Trees During the Monsoon This Year? Here Are Some Tips.

Have you lived in the Valley for at least one summer?  If so, you’ve probably seen the aftermath that often follows the storms during the Monsoon (aka rainy season). Typically, that includes a lot of broken tree limbs and even uprooted trees. You would think that desert trees would be a little more sturdy considering they’re in, well, the desert. So, why is it that some trees hold out strong throughout all of the storms, and others seem to snap like twigs? Though there can be several contributing factors, two of the most common things that play a part are issues with watering and pruning.


When watering their trees, people often only water near the base of the trunk and don’t water long enough. As a result, the tree develops a shallow root system and is likely to be uprooted during a high-wind storm.

In order to have a sturdy foundation and grow properly, desert trees require “deep watering”. Deep watering entails watering in a wider area around the tree for a longer period of time. That way, the water can get deeper into the ground. This allows the root system of the tree to grow deeper, thus strengthening the base of the tree and making it less likely to be uprooted.


Another common reason for desert trees getting blown over during Monsoon storms is that the canopy of the tree becomes too thick and almost has an umbrella or parachute-like effect. Instead of the wind being able to blow through the canopy of the tree, it gets trapped in the top-heavy canopy, and the pressure from the wind can become too much for the tree to handle, (especially if the root system is weak).

To combat this, it is important to regularly have your desert trees pruned. This will prevent the canopy from getting too thick and will allow the wind to pass through more easily. 

How Green Keeper Tree Care Can Help


We  know that we can’t prevent all of the damage that might result from the intense Monsoon storms. However, we can provide preventative maintenance that will help decrease the likelihood of losing your tree(s). When necessary, we can also assist in tree removal following storm damage. Need to schedule tree care services? Give us a call at 480-822-8775 or fill out our contact form, and we will be in touch with you shortly!