The Danger of Dead or Diseased Tree Limbs

The Danger of Dead or Diseased Tree Limbs

Are your dead or diseased tree limbs putting you in danger?

When you look up into your trees, do you see patches of brown in the beautiful greenery? You might be able to ignore it, especially if it isn’t facing your front door or your curb, but that might be a dangerous idea.

If you have dead or diseased tree limbs hanging over you, you could be risking:

  • Deadfall
  • Spread of Disease
  • Attracting Rodents
  • Death of the Tree


High winds are a big test for all of the trees in the valley, especially during the monsoon. As 2018’s monsoon draws to a close, you may be left with several broken limbs and branches. These limbs and branches can drop on your house, or nearby houses, on vehicles, or even on unlucky people or animals. It’s a big deal.

Spread of Disease

Whether your dead limb was killed due to infection, or just cracked and died, the whole tree can become susceptible to rot. Infections don’t just kill a limb and leave the rest of the tree alone; they continue to eat away at the rest of the tree, starting with other nearby branches.

Attracting Rodents

Small animals love to take advantage of tangled knots in the dead wood of trees. Some are more benign, like squirrels, but even those can do damage to trees. As animals eat away at your tree, the tree will weaken and will become more likely to crack in high winds. The damage can be even more extensive if the inhabitants are rats. Tree and roof rats are damage-causing, disease-carrying menaces that can quickly take over a home and then a neighborhood. It’s best not to give them a foothold.

Death of the Tree

Any of the three previous problems can lead up to the eventual death of your tree, but sometimes, they happen in sequence. When a tree dies, the whole thing stiffens up and becomes brittle. If deadfall is dangerous, dead trees are a disaster waiting to happen! Falling trees can take out entire houses. In fact, there were a few houses destroyed due to treefall this monsoon season and fortunately, the destruction was property damage and not the loss of life.

If you have a dead tree, please call us ASAP! And if you have dead limbs in your tree’s canopy, give us a call so we can prevent the damage from spreading further.