Green Keeper Tree Care keeps the integrity of your property is preserved during the trimming process, by using the most effective and safe practices.

Our certified professionals will work on-site with the highest of industry safety standards, for both commercial and residential projects.

Green Keeper uses a slow-release, balanced granular fertilizer with a micro-nutrient package. We fertilize 3 times-a-year (Twice in the spring and once in the fall). Chelated iron can be applied to problem plants in the spring and fall (Additional fee).

Olive trees in the landscape are generally not considered there for fruit production. However, they do produce fruit, and it drops to produce litter and stained surfaces. Pollen from blossoms is also an allergen.

The solution is to spray the trees in January or February each year and prevent fruit and probably flowers also.

Tree removal is not something that should be taken lightly. Trees provide many benefits, such as supplying oxygen and a natural barrier to noise pollution, but there are also potential dangers. Trees can become diseased or damaged from insects or animals, and if they pose a risk to your property then they need to be removed.