Keep Your Trees Healthy in the Winter

Keep Your Trees Healthy in the Winter

Wondering how to keep your trees healthy this Winter?

3 tips to help you keep your trees healthy all winter long.

Winter will probably be pretty mild here in the valley this year. It usually is and it’s been a few years since we’ve had a real freeze here. It may not get below freezing or even below 40°F in the Arizona desert most of the time. However, it still gets cold enough to damage your trees. If we do have our first cold winter in the last few years, the outcome could be even worse for your trees. We’ve got a few tips to help your trees see their way safely into the new year.

Here are 3 tips to help you take care of your tree(s) this winter:

  1. Water your trees once a month when the temperature starts cooling down.
  2. Use bed sheets or burlap to cover the branches of young trees. Do not use plastic sheeting or tarps. They will trap the moisture and can damage the trees.
  3. Get rid of any dead foliage and overgrowth.

Make sure that your trees have their best chance to survive the winter by reducing your watering, covering the younger trees, and getting rid of all dead foliage or overgrowth will help keep your trees healthy and thriving.

If you plan on using this season of dormancy to trim your trees back, take these tips into consideration and you’ll have healthy trees all winter long. 

For more information on keeping your trees healthy or some help with it, contact Green Keeper Tree Care today.