How Tree Trimming Can Improve Property Safety

Trees enhance the beauty and resale value of your property, but caring for them over the long haul means you will eventually need some pruning done. That’s not just for the health of your trees, but also for safety purposes. Here are some reasons why our neighbors in Gilbert, Mesa, and the surrounding areas rely on Green Keeper Tree Care to help improve the safety of their properties through professional pruning services.

Reduced Risk of Harm to Others

One of the obvious dangers of dead or dying tree limbs is that they will eventually fall and hit someone. Trees that need pruning can pose a risk to you, your family members, your pets, a neighbor, or a passerby on the sidewalk, depending on when and where a limb (or the entire tree) falls.

Most people don’t realize that trimming the branches on a tree actually strengthens its roots. A deeper, stronger root structure can prevent an older tree from toppling during a heavy rain or windstorm.

Reduced Risk of Property Damage

Trimming a tree protects the root structure, and also prevents tall runners from causing branches to split off and fall during heavy winds. Falling limbs can damage your home’s roof or windows, the cars in your driveway, or even your neighbor’s property. This is important to note: If your tree falls and damages your neighbor’s property, YOU are liable for those damages. 

Untrimmed trees can also pose a risk to power lines. If a limb breaks a power line, you and your neighbors could be without electricity until the line is repaired. 

Reduced Risk of Disease Spread

Trees can contract diseases that our arborists are trained to detect and remove. Tree diseases can spread throughout the limbs of your tree and then to other trees in the neighborhood. These limbs should be removed before they can spread the disease further. Eventually, a diseased tree can die, and then it simply becomes a hazard on your property that will eventually topple over.

These are some simple ways that regular tree trimming from Green Keeper Tree Care can improve the safety of your property and keep your trees looking lush, healthy, and beautiful. Call our office at 480-822-8775 to schedule an appointment with an arborist to inspect your trees and determine whether they need some special care.